Products: Point of Sales Solutions

Point of Sales SolutionsPOS3.0 is an advanced Point Of Sales software,

Pos3.0 is versatile, intuitive and fast changing for the integral management of your business. A single integrated POS? A network of POS? Hundreds of shops linked to a head office?
You already have an ERP management program and needs a good POS interfaced? POS3.0 is the best choice in all cases.

1. Retail establishments :

POS3.0 is a powerful tool, helpful to perform all of your Point Of Sale (POS) transactions in a fast, secure and easy way. Select a product in the MENU BAR above for details of the sector of interest (note that POS3.0 can interact between different industry sectors using a single centralized management). Here are some general characteristics of POS3.0 common to all sectors: – Selling items with modifiers, different formats, overview of composition, etc. – Collection of sales with multiple forms of payment (credit card, cash, check, …) and in different currencies – Print temporary accounts – Automatic printing on multiple printers – Automatic End of Day Closing procedure – Inventory Control – Link to video surveillance systems – Customer Loyalty – Gift card Systems – Time card Control – Special rates for internal consumption, customer types ( retail / wholesale), discounts, special offers and promotions – Identification of different users in the system – Sales shared between terminals – Management of receipts and invoices – Control of cancellations and abnormal operations carried out in the terminal – Returns Management and / or voids receipts – Control of cash inflows and outflows – Standing Orders and Contracts – Movements and Stock transfers between the terminals – Sales pending for later billing – Accounts division – Generation of bar-code labels – … POS3.0 can be adjusted according to your needs and, depending on the size of your business, you can install a single point of sale terminal (POS standalone) or a network with multiple terminals in several locations, with completely centralized control. You can also install as many printers as needed, depending on your needs. POS3.0 also  manages purchases and  purchase orders, whether internal or external. Automatically send purchase orders emails to the supplier to keep a perfect control of stocks. With POS3.0 you can also set recipe (detailed composition of products), modifiers of articles (‘extras’, …), different formats for the same product, etc. .. With POS3.0 Manager you can even see the sales information, inventory, operations, etc.. of the establishment, in real time.

2. Hand Held:

You can supplement your point of sales  POS3.0 with Handheld terminals. This application includes the same POS3.0 sale functions , but the designs is to operate handheld PDA (Pocket PC) by wireless. POS3.0 is linked to major handset brands: Partnertech etc..

3. Notices:

POS3.0 terminals operates completely autonomous and does not require any LAN or WAN connection to operate. However, all movements (time cards for employees, reservations, orders, stock transfers, sales, purchases …) of an establishment need be sent to the manager or central office . However, it is important to note that POS3.0 terminals operates with its own database which is  fully autonomous. In the event of a lost in the communications, the system operates completely safe.The data that is not sent to the manager due to the lack of communications will be sent at the time that it is restored. POS3.0 also set all the characteristics of connections from the manager to create and install a new terminals (POS) easily and quickly. The backup of data is also automatically performed to ensure the integrity of all data. With the integrated communication module POS3.0 can place orders to its suppliers,  receive goods & delivery notes, etc.. all from the POS terminals.

4. Central office:

POS3.0 Manager is a powerful management and analysis tool. With it you can control all the processes taking place in your company (purchasing, warehousing, sales …). You can also statistically analyze all transactions  processes at the various point of sale terminals (POS). In Standalone POS, POS3.0 Manager is included in the same POS terminal. The solution is as complete, but management does not allow more than one register (POS) or more than one store. POS3.0 Manager can see and control at all times, the evolution of sales in each of its stores by multiple criteria: weekdays, time, employee workload, need for provision of products, etc. This can even more effectively allow you to plan shifts depending on the workload, optimize purchasing … POS3.0 also includes a complete control system Fingerprint presence or proximity bracelet. Thanks to it, you be able to validate the working hours of employees. POS3.0 may also manage customer loyalty points, gifts cards, discounts, promotions, offers, special prices, customer card. Thus, your places of business will be more profitable and more attractive to regular & new customers. Importantly, when you requires more management implementation, Yakuma provides interface with key market ERP applications: Navision, SAP, AQUA, KRITER, SAGE, Flexibake.

5. Ordering and Stocks:

Both the little and large establishments like chains and franchises need to expedite all their purchasing processes. Therefore, from your POS3.0 terminals you will be able to order from your own plant or suppliers. At any time, you can see the stock in each locations, both at the POS terminal or in central office. On reception of purchases entered in POS3.0 automatically increase the stock of raw materials and products. Later, as they are doing POS3.0 sales, their stocks will be calculated automatically, reduced raw material & product sold. All this without extra effort. The calculation of stocks depend largely on how they have been defined in products with different formats, menu, etc.. Not so, POS3.0 forces it to be able to manage the stocks of products based solely on inputs and outputs per unit.

6. Analysis and statistics. Decision maker:

POS3.0 Manager stores all transactions in a transactional relational database. The structure of the central database is designed to store and process in an optimal way all the information generated in both the central office and from its POS3.0 POS terminals. The highlight of POS3.0 Manager is that it provides a graphical view of the information you have stored. Handling large amounts of data in the form of lists is usually not the most appropriate way to make decisions. So you can view information from your various locations separately or jointly. managing multiple companies, controlling  the centralized cash closings, etc.. Do you know the difference between data and information? POS3.0 gives information against disconnected facts which bring no added value. So POS3.0 Manager will give you excellent analysis criteria to aid in decision making.POS3.0grows at the same pace as your business and allows you to tackle new business challenges with greater assurance.

7. Multiple Linked Sectors:

If your business consists of different types of establishments in various sectors, POS3.0 is the best choice in the market. POS3.0 can integrate into one central database all the products that your establishments need. No matter if you have three restaurants, two pizzerias, 4 fashionable shops and a hairdresser. You can manage all these business from a single point. You have several establishments in the same sector, but with different prices? POS3.0 is your solution.From POS3.0 can manage as many price lists as you like and assign them to each stores separately. separately. “Some products are not equal? Some particularly are sold in an establishment but not in another? With POS3.0 you can define products to display in each facility is completely visual.